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* Allt Ddu Quarry (1978) *

[Pic 9] Allt Ddu Quarry (1978)

A faded polaroid looking up towards the engine shed.
* Allt Ddu Quarry -  (1978) *

[Pic 10] Allt Ddu Quarry - (1978)

This one shows another view of the big Bonc Fawr embankment.
* Allt Ddu Quarry *

[Pic 11] Allt Ddu Quarry - Where the waste tips once stood (Aug 1987)

Allt Ddu (and its close neighbour Chwarel Fawr) date back to the earliest days of quarrying at Dinorwig. They once featured in the original 1824 railway route* to Port Dinorwig (which ran through the site) and contained many unique remains that are now lost forever under the 1980's (bland) landscaping project that was designed to improve the area. Pic 11 (above) shows the scene (in 1987) of what was once the long Fawr tip (featured in Pics 3 & 4) and was taken from (very) approximately the location of the Upper Chwarel Fawr incline head. Note the (small) remains of the Bryn Llys quarry in the upper left of picture - itself also landscaped!

* Forerunner of the Padarn Railway, and closed 1843, this was an unsuccessful route and required uphaulage to its level within the lower sections of Dinorwig.
* Allt Ddu Quarry *

[Pic 12] Allt Ddu Quarry - Site of Allt Ddu pit (Sept 1987)

As for the remains of Allt Ddu pit, Pic 12 (above) shows the scene after landscaping - totally filled in except for its eastern walls jutting out of the plain landscaped terrain. This deepens my regret at not visiting Allt Ddu more often, having always believed there was no rush as it was tucked away and surely going to be there for sometime to come. Returning to the site in 1987 had me wondering if i'd taken a wrong turn somewhere on the way up, as i barely recognised the place!

For reference, to take this photo, i was stood roughly on top of the site of the big Bonc Fawr embankment - which is also completely gone.
* Allt Ddu Quarry *

[Pic 13] Allt Ddu Quarry - Obliteration! (Sept 1987)

Again, from roughly on top of the site of the Bonc Fawr embankment, this is another obliterated view, and the scale of the landscaping can clearly be seen here. Most of the waste rubble from the tips was dumped into the deep Allt Ddu pit (behind camera) and to continue draining this a tunnel and culvert were built - this tunnel is about the level of the original tunnel under the Bonc Fawr embankment and not the now buried lower tunnel - does this mean that the water table in the infilled pit reaches up to this level ? Off to the top right is the (also) landscaped Chwarel Fawr quarry (defined by the faded grass) and totally gone from view are the connections (and incline) to there. The Allt Ddu mill used to be (off camera) beyond the wooden gate in the upper left of picture.
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