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* [Pic 3] Cwmorthin Quarry - Lake Incline (1982) *

[Pic 3] Cwmorthin Quarry - Lake Incline (1982)

Looking up the Lake Incline with the Afon Cwmorthin pouring out of Llyn Cwmorthin above. This single track incline was originally built by the Conglog Quarry (located further up Cwmorthin near Rhosydd) in the mid 1870's as part of their tramway along the western shore of Llyn Cwmorthin. Very soon after opening this incline head was connected to - and later used by - Cwmorthin's Lake mill tramway system for lowering slate to the Cross Mill. At the incline base was a wooden bridge over the Afon Cwmorthin.

* [Pic 4] Cwmorthin Quarry - Lake Incline II (1982) *

[Pic 4] Cwmorthin Quarry - Lake Incline II (1982)

Looking down from the summit of the Lake Incline. In the distance can be seen both the remains of the Cross Mill, the stacking yards, and the Lower Mills.

* [Pic 5] Cwmorthin Quarry - Cwmorthin Terraces (1982) *

[Pic 5] Cwmorthin Quarry - Cwmorthin Terraces (1982)

Close to the head of the Lake incline (a part of the drumhouse can be seen middle left of the pic) and the mouth of Llyn Cwmorthin, were the 13 cottages that made up Cwmorthin Terraces. Not all were built at the same time - The eastern most ones (nearest the camera) are made of sawn slabs, while those on the western end are made of a rough stone. Built to house quarrymen and their families, each cottage once had its own garden.

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