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* [Pic 11] Vivian Slate Quarry (2012) *

[Pic 11] Vivian Slate Quarry, Dinorwig (2012)

The Vivian V2 incline is the lowest in a flight of 5 inclines that climbed the Allt Wen hillside on the western edge of the Vivian quarry. Now once again in working condition (following a 1998 refurbishment that included electric haulage installed for ease of use) this transporter incline is a unique raritiy - how many other preserved inclines are there? The photo, above, shows how it was built (mid 1870s) to negotiate the steep hillside and cross over the Hospital road while descending from level 2 to level 1. This required a large slab embankment, pierced by a bridge for the road, to carry the incline bed at the desired angle.
* [Pic 12] Diffwys Slate Quarry - Blaenau Ffestiniog (1982) *

[Pic 12] Diffwys Slate Quarry (1982)

A return to Diffwys and this time it's the Floor 0 (Mill level) Drumhouse. By this time, early 80s, the roof had begun to come apart (now completely gone) but the structure was in surprisingly good condition with the most of its working parks still in place. This incline dropped down (behind camera) to the main Diffwys - Votty exit incline, located on the Office Floor level, passing under the Votty Floor C tip tramway en route. Note, in the background, the Floor 3 to 0 incline descending the hillside. This was a reworking (part of a 1920s exit route by Maenofferen) of an earlier Diffwys Floor 2 to 0 incline that involved extending it up one level.
* [Pic 13] Glanrafon Slate Quarry (2012) *

[Pic 13] Glanrafon Slate Quarry (2012)

View of the upper exit incline head at mills level. This incline descended down to 'Barracks' level, then ran along a short tramway to the head of the next (longer) incline down to the WHR at Glanrafon sidings. The tramway from the mill approached the incline through a gated gap in the slate wall, just visible close to the crimp. Note how the incline is straddled between two very large tips - taking up valuable tipping space. There is a similar almost parallel incline (located along the southern side of the right hand tip) that probably uphauled from a lower access tunnel.
* [Pic 14] Cwmorthin Slate Quarry - Blaenau Ffestiniog (1982) *

[Pic 14] Cwmorthin Slate Quarry (1982)

The view, from Floor 7, down the lower half of the 8-6 Main Incline with the 6-Mills Drumhouse at the head of the next incline down. Both were twin tracked balance inclines designed to serve intermediate levels and at each of these levels there was a overbridge to carry the waste tramways. The Level 7 overbridge slab abutments can be seen in the foreground. Note the reasonable condition of the lower incline drumhouse. Unfortunately all of this incline system was totally destroyed during the modern untopping, leaving no remains.
* [Pic 16] Bryn Glas Slate Quarry (1995) *

[Pic 16] Bryn Glas Slate Quarry (1995)

Bryn Glas may probably hold the title of the smallest Ffestiniog quarry with a mill - and it could hold the title for the shortest incline too! But that doesn't mean it isn't interesting. This is the incline head and drumhouse remains with the northern wall still reasonably intact. Curving behind the camera was a tramway that ran to the upper adit, while the incline made a short, shallow drop down to the mill level. The quarry never produced any large tonnages and the incline was out of use long before it's final closure c1960s.
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