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* New * ... As well as the giant grey waste tips, the mountains of North and Mid Wales are littered with the remains of inclines - From the tiny to the truly massive. Each was unique to its location and each was essential to the raising or lowering of product (good or bad) from one level to another. Inside this new section are a variety of examples - From the short, the long, and the truly mad!

Open:  Inclines

* New * ... I'm calling this the Miscellaneous Scrapbook because it's the section where i can place the odds and ends that i come across within the ROTWSI vaults - Photos that don't fit into other sections, or are part of a set not yet shown. Some of them have notes attached that answer questions i have posed or pondered.

Open:  Miscellaneous Scrapbook

North west of the main Dinorwig Quarry workings (and close to the village of Dinorwig) lies the old Allt Ddu quarry - or at least it used to until intensive landscaping obliterated all traces of it in the mid 1980's. This section shows scenes from the 1980s (plus more recent views from 2013) ranging from the Bonc Fawr embankment to the Village Branch connection to Dinorwic mills.

Open:  Allt Ddu

* Updated * ... Ever since its closure in 1946, Bryn Eglwys Slate Quarry has become more and more derelict with every year that passes. Now buried under a carpet of conifer trees, the site is difficult to explore, has lost virtually all of its buildings and, in places, is even dangerous. But, it is still fascinating and the walk up the Gwernol Valley will always be one of my all time favourites. This short section has 4 views from 1979.

Open:  Bryn Eglwys 1979

* Updated * ... High up the forested slopes above Llyn y Gader, and just below the Bwlch-y-Ddwy-elor ridge, lies the small quarry of Bwlch Ddeilior. Consisting of one shallow pit with few remains, it is typical of a remote working with poor access - But that doesn't mean it isn't of interest.

Open:  Bwlch Ddeilior

* Updated * ... At the head of Cwmorthin, close to the much larger Rhosydd quarry, sits the Conglog Slate Quarry. No great tonnages came out of here but it did have its own tramway (running the full length of the valley floor) which made a connection with Cwmorthins system, giving it an outlet to the Festiniog Railway.

Open:  Conglog

On the extreme north eastern edge of the Ffestiniog group of quarries, and close to the secluded village of Cwm Penmachno, is the large isolated Cwm Machno Slate Quarry . Mostly developed in open workings, there were also ventures underground on several levels. Despite some landscaping in the 1980s, there is still much of interest remaining here.

Open:  Cwm Machno

Cwmorthin Slate Quarry, located just west of Blaenau Ffestiniog, is one of my most visited quarries and used to contain a wealth of relics. However, during the last 30 odd years the external workings have been drastically altered by modern day quarrying and much has disappeared. This section holds a selection of photos dating back to 1982.

Open:  Cwmorthin

Cwt y Bugail was one of the remote group of quarries high up to the east of Blaenau Ffestiniog and had a connection with the Rhiwbach tramway that allowed its development to grow from the mid 1860s onwards. Although all building remains are ruinous, there is still much to explore at this unusual site.

Open:  Cwt y Bugail

* Updated * ... Located together beside the western shore of Lly-y-Gadair are the remains of two small quarries, each dating from seperate eras, that sit amongst postcard scenery. Despite their size, they still have some intruiging remains and modern access is now aided by the Lôn Gwyrfai path passing through the site.

Open:  Llyn y Gadair 1990

* NEW * ... This section is a follow up to Llyn y Gadair 1990 and contains comparisons to that time plus recent photos that include the changes over the last quarter of a decade - as well as posing a few questions.

Open:  Llyn y Gadair 1990

High up the hillside above Dinas Mawddwy, surrounded by conifers, lie the remains of Minllyn Slate Quarry - A somewhat quirky site with relics to be found above and below ground. Although not a major site, the quarry did benefit from direct access to the Mawddwy Railway, which terminated close to the base of the exit incline.

Open:  Minllyn

Ratgoed Slate Quarry is situated in an isolated valley (Cwm Ceiswyr) to the north east of Corris and can be accessed by a pleasant (level) walk along the former trackbed of the Ratgoed tramway. Closed since 1946, Ratgoed is now (like so many other workings) almost buried in trees as afforestation has covered the site.

Open:  Ratgoed

Located on the lower north eastern slopes of Moel Siabod (above Pont Cyfyng) are the remains of the Rhos Slate Quarry. Originally a small quarry with the workings accessed via a tunnel, it soon developed into a deep pit that required uphaulage to the mills level, located on the lip of the pit.

Open:  Rhos

Perched high up the steep rocky eastern flanks of Moel-yr-hydd, and on the opposite side of the valley to the huge Cwmorthin quarry, is the remains of the Wrysgan Slate Quarry. It not be large a large - but it is a spectacular. Just take a look at the crazy exit incline!

Open:  Wrysgan
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