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* Ratgoed Slate Quarry - Map *

Ratgoed Slate Quarry - Rough Sketch of Workings

This isn't a truly accurate scale map (it was made up from my field notes and sketches of the site) but it does show the major features as they were in 1987.
* [Pic 7] Ratgoed Slate Quarry - Waste Truck  (Sept 1987) *

[Pic 7] Ratgoed Slate Quarry - Waste Truck (Sept 1987)

One of the two upturned waste trucks on the level 7 tramway route. The scrapmen missed these items and they were probably dragged from underground (there are numerous items still in situ down below in the chambers and tunnels) then sent down the incline to where they rested. A waste truck like this would have sat on either a wooden frame or a crude metal frame - both usually had loose flanged wheels to cope with a variable width track ! This one (i'm guessing ?) had a wooden frame.*

* Rhiwbach quarry (just one example) used near identical trucks to this complete with wooden frames.
* [Pic 8] Ratgoed Slate Quarry - Level 7 rail (Sept 1987) *

[Pic 8] Ratgoed Slate Quarry - Tramway rail (Sept 1987)

Another item missed by the scrapmen is this (short) length of U shaped light rail of a type typical in mines and quarries. Found amongst the tips between levels 6 and 7.
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