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* [Pic 7] Wrysgan Quarry - Main level Adit (Sept 1987) *

[Pic 7] Wrysgan Quarry - Lower level Adit (Sept 1987)

Pic 7 (above) shows the Lower level adit as it was in 1987. Several of the Wrysgan adits are still open, but must be taken as severe rock falls have taken place underground - more of this later. Of note are the building remains on the adits right, and the remains of a path (adits left) leading to the upper levels.
* [Pic 8] Wrysgan Quarry - Upper level view (Sept 1987) *

[Pic 8] Wrysgan Quarry - Upper level view (Sept 1987)

Pic 8 (above) shows the Upper level incline head - viewed from one of the tips - with its gently curved crimp and relatively intact drumhouse. Also in view is what appears to be the traces of a path running up between the tips.
* [Pic 9] Wrysgan Quarry - Upper level tramway (Sept 1987) *

[Pic 9] Wrysgan Quarry - Upper level tramway (Sept 1987)

Pic 9 (above) shows the tramway route leading to the upper level incline head - which dropped down to mill level. This area contains the older workings, all of which are long abandoned as final working was done further downhill. Despite this, however, various artifacts still remain at this level and some of the more interesting features of the site are located here. These levels were worked very similar to those at the nearby Stwlan mine - ie., with narrow levels and rudimentary adits - no major unnecassary structures were ever constructed up here.

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